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Gilled is a term used to describe organisms that have structures called gills, which help them breathe underwater. Synonyms for the word "gilled" include aquatic, underwater, subaqueous, and submersible. Other potential synonyms for gilled can depend on the context of its use. For example, in the fishing industry, synonyms for gilled can include gutted, cleaned, or prepped. In the scientific community, synonyms for gilled could also include such terms like branchiate, lamellibranchiate, or lamellate. Ultimately, the synonym that is chosen will depend on the specific use of the term, but all will refer to an organism that has gills and can breathe underwater.

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The term 'gilled' is commonly associated with fish, implying the presence of respiratory organs on either side of the head in the form of thin, membranous structures called gills. Antonyms for 'gilled' could be used to describe non-aquatic species that lack gills. These could include terms such as 'lunged' or 'pulmonary', alluding to animals that respire using the air in their lungs, such as mammals and birds. Another antonym could be 'exoskeletal', indicating creatures that respire through their skin or exoskeleton, like insects and arachnids. Using antonyms allows for a broader range of descriptions, enabling writers to create more varied and detailed descriptions of the natural world.

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The similarity of the leaves to the head or other parts of deer or peccary or red-gilled fish, decides the most favorable choice, and the acrid, smarting juice of the tuber rubbed into the skin, or the hooks and arrows anointed, is considered sufficient to produce the desired result.
"Edge of the Jungle"
William Beebe
You're egsited, because your brodder vas gilled.
"32 Caliber"
Donald McGibeny
He told the sickening, white-gilled little skulker what he thought of him.
"The Dop Doctor"
Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

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