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Git is a popular version control system used in software development. The word "Git" has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. One of the common synonyms is "source code management" or "SCM" for short. Another synonym is "revision control" which refers to the ability to track changes made to software code. "Version control" is also used to describe Git, as it manages different versions of the codebase. "Repository" is another synonym; it refers to the central location where the code is stored and shared. "Distributed version control" or "DVCS" is another synonym that describes the way Git allows for multiple copies of the code to be stored on different computers.

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Git is a distributed version control system designed to handle modified versions of projects. It is based on the distributed revision control system Architettura Git. It enables centralized management of multiple source repositories and provides on-demand push notifications for each change so that developers can review and merge changes into their branch without waiting for a full checkout.

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