What is another word for occupy?

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The term "occupy" can be interchanged with several other words in order to repeatedly utilize it in an essay or conversation without becoming monotonous. Synonyms for "occupy" include: inhabit, reside, live in, settle, take up residence, possess, own, control, dominate and populate. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but they all imply some form of ownership or influence over a place or space. By using a diverse range of synonyms, writers can effectively convey their messages while avoiding repetition and keeping their language varied and engaging.

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    Since the occupy Wall Street demonstrators first took up residence in Lower Manhattan in September 2011, the movement has spawned occupations in over 90 cities around the world. Occupy is democratic and inclusive, with demonstrators working to create structures and processes to address the socioeconomic problems they see as endemic to crony capitalism and global inequality.

    The slogan of "Every Person Is a Citizen" is at the core of Occupy's ideology. It challenges our notions of hierarchy and puts the focus on the common good. Occupy's Goals revolve around creating democratically run institutions that would apply pressure to the 1% to address the problems that people in the 99% experience on a daily basis.

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