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Synonyms for the word "sage" refer to a wise person who possesses a sound judgment and is well versed in practical affairs. The most common synonym for sage is "wise", which means possessing knowledge and experience that leads to good judgment. Other synonyms for sage include "learned", "knowledgeable", "wise person", "philosopher", "guru", "intellectual", and "thinker". These terms describe individuals who have devoted significant time to understanding the world around them and synthesizing their knowledge to make wise decisions. They are often respected for their intellectual prowess and are sought out for guidance and counsel. Overall, the synonyms for sage encapsulate an individual capable of sharing insightful advice and perspective on important matters.

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Sage is a perennial herb that is only found in the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Sage grows in the mountains and desert, and is widely used in Mexican cuisine. The leaves and flowers of sage are used in Latte, Sage, and Salsa, among other dishes. Sage is also used to make Syrupy Sage Elixir, a tea that is popular in Europe and America.

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