What is another word for good behavior?

92 synonyms found


[ ɡˈʊd bɪhˈe͡ɪvjə], [ ɡˈʊd bɪhˈe‍ɪvjə], [ ɡ_ˈʊ_d b_ɪ_h_ˈeɪ_v_j_ə]

How to use "Good behavior" in context?

Behavior is one of the more important factors when parents are trying to raise children to be good citizens. Children learn to behave by watching and example their parents set. When parents are good role models and raise their children to behave in a positive manner, it helps to create a culture of good behavior in their home.

Some of the most important things parents can do to help their children behave responsibly are: set household rules and encourage their children to follow them; be consistent and fair with their children; praise their children for good deeds, not just for being good; and limit praise and criticisms to constructive feedback.

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