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Refinement is a word often associated with elegance, sophistication and culture. There are several synonyms for refinement, including cultivation, polish, finesse, style, grace, subtlety, refinement, sophistication, elegance, and taste. Cultivation suggests an acquired knowledge or education that contributes to refinement. Polish suggests a high level of sophistication and grace without necessarily having any specific education. Finesse suggests a great deal of skill and dexterity with an understanding of what is implied or suggested. Style suggests an innate sense of fashion or trendsetting ability. Grace refers to elegance demonstrated in movement and poise. Subtlety suggests a keen understanding of subtle nuances of language, expression, or taste. Finally, taste refers to a personal preference for fine things or elements of refinement.

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How to use "Refinement" in context?

Refinement is a process of making something finer or more elegant. Fine tuning a machine or a product can yield improved performance or aesthetics. In the context of cooking and restaurants, refinement allows the chef or restaurateur to create the most exquisite and mouthwatering dishes possible.

Refinement in cooking applies to a variety of techniques, from making sure food is cooked evenly to enhancing flavor and texture. For example, using fresh herbs and spices judiciously can add flavor and bite, while minimizing the use of salt can add nuanced flavor notes.

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