What is another word for decency?

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Decency is often described as a sense of morality, respectability, or propriety. Various sentiments express the concept of decency, including modesty, decorum, politeness, and courteousness. Goodness, morality, ethicality, and integrity are also related to the meaning of decency in different contexts. A sense of nobility or honor is another synonym for decency, as it implies respect, dignity, and pride. Similarly, fair-mindedness, impartiality, and justness reflect a sense of decency in the way one conducts themselves. Being sincere, honest, and genuine are also synonyms for decency, as they highlight the importance of staying true to oneself and others while maintaining respect for everyone involved.

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    There is no one answer to what defines decency, but it can at least be broadly defined as the practice of treating others fairly and with respect. It is the foundation on which relationships are built and can be traced back to early societies, where it served as the ethical underpinning for social customs. With the advent of technology came new ways to offend and violate our decency norms, but we have also developed new ways to address and condemn those transgressions. In a hyper-connected world where misinformation and fake news are rampant, it is more important than ever to uphold our values of decency and fact-checking.

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