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Fear is an emotion that can cripple one's ability to function normally. It can arise from a variety of situations, including danger, uncertainty or insecurity. There are many synonyms for the word fear, each carrying its own nuance. Some examples include trepidation, anxiety, nervousness, unease, apprehension, dread, terror and phobia. Trepidation implies a sense of hesitation or wavering uncertainty. Anxiety conveys a more general feeling of unease without necessarily pinpointing the source. Nervousness implies a heightened sense of sensitivity. Unease indicates a general feeling of discomfort or disquiet. Apprehension suggests a sense of impending danger or doom. Dread is a more intense feeling of fear that may involve a premonition of horror. Terror is a sense of abject fear that can be overwhelming. Phobia is a more specific kind of fear directed towards a particular object, situation or creature.

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Fear is an emotion that is generally associated with the sensation of being afraid. It is the emotional reaction to the perception of danger, typically involving the threat of harm.

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