What is another word for goth?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈɒθ] (IPA)

The term "goth" can be defined as a subculture that emerged during the 1980s in the UK. Goths are often associated with emo, punk, and alternative music. However, there are a plethora of synonyms available for the term "goth." Some popular synonyms for "goth" include dark, morbid, gloomy, melancholic, macabre, somber, and brooding. Each of these synonyms represents a different aspect of the goth subculture and aesthetic. For example, the term "macabre" refers to the goth fascination with death and horror, while "somber" reflects the melancholic and introspective nature of the culture. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the context and desired tone.

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Usage examples for Goth

326; quoted from goth.
"The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries"
W. Y. Evans Wentz
In the year 402, Alaric the goth for the first time broke into the Western empire.
"Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)"
Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll
It practically amounted to annexation; but the Roman emperor was not in a position to refuse any proposition which the goth might see fit to make.
"Women of Early Christianity Woman: In all ages and in all countries, Vol. 3 (of 10)"
Alfred Brittain Mitchell Carroll

Famous quotes with Goth

  • Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land... the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt!
    Grey DeLisle
  • If they do something like that, maybe a Freddy Krueger fan, a girl, a really sick goth girl starts killing kids herself and Freddy has to put a stop to it, or they have to fight it out.
    Robert Englund
  • I'm definitely incredibly attracted to the aesthetic of what is typically deemed goth stuff, but. A lot of my experience growing up was in being around that kind of thing, and it's just what sinks into a person's brain.
    Jhonen Vasquez
  • O fol of alle foles, Thou farst as he betwen tuo stoles That wolde sitte and goth to grounde.
    John Gower
  • It's a world where there aren't families. It's the world of a young person going out into the wilderness, cities, and sort of in a way creating a family. You know, it's kind of like... it's not that it's a "goth book," but it's kind of rather the same stuff that makes kids be goths.
    William Gibson

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