What is another word for peasant?

Pronunciation: [pˈɛzənt] (IPA)

Peasant, a term originally used to denote a small farmer or agricultural laborer, is now considered derogatory in some contexts due to its association with poverty and ignorance. In contemporary English, there are several synonyms for "peasant" that are considered less offensive and more politically correct. These include farmer, rancher, agricultural worker, tiller, grower, and cultivator. Other synonyms for peasant may depend on the historical and cultural context in which the term is used, such as serf, villein, yeoman, crofter, or sharecropper. While these terms are still used in some countries and regions, it is important to note that they may carry different connotations and implications depending on the time and place in which they are used.

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What are the opposite words for peasant?

The term peasant refers to a person who works as a farmer or agricultural laborer, generally living in rural areas. Its antonyms or opposite terms are related to high social status or elite, sophisticated culture, and luxury living standards. Examples of antonyms for peasant include aristocrat, noble, lord, monarch, rich, wealthy, and glamorous. These words reflect individuals who are usually born into or achieved a position of wealth and influence through education, political power, inheritance, or entrepreneurship. They enjoy a life of luxury, privilege, and prestige and are usually not engaged in manual labor or farming.

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Usage examples for Peasant

Preacher, priest and peasant thought alike on these topics.
"My Lady of the Chimney Corner"
Alexander Irvine
My mother wore the dress of our peasant women, and I did the same.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
peasant-catching is the word.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

Famous quotes with Peasant

  • They eat the dainty food of famous chefs with the same pleasure with which they devour gross peasant dishes, mostly composed of garlic and tomatoes, or fisherman's octopus and shrimps, fried in heavily scented olive oil on a little deserted beach.
    Luigi Barzini
  • A peasant becomes fond of his pig and is glad to salt away its pork. What is significant, and is so difficult for the urban stranger to understand, is that the two statements are connected by an and not by a but.
    John Berger
  • They're thinking of turning the peasant into an educated man. Why, first of all they should make him a good and prosperous farmer and then he'll learn all that is necessary for him to know.
    Nikolai Gogol
  • The poor peasant here hives under conditions quite different from those of Russia. Though often terrible, they are not as appalling as they were there.
    Herman Gorter
  • I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he cannot have a chicken in his pot every Sunday.
    Henry IV

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