What is another word for churl?

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Churl is a noun that means an ill-bred and vulgar person. Some synonyms for churl are boor, lout, barbarian, vulgarian, and philistine. Boor refers to an uncultured and rude person, and it is often used to describe someone who lacks basic social skills. Lout is someone who is clumsy and uncouth, while barbarian implies a lack of civilized behavior. A vulgarian is someone who is vulgar and crass and lacks sophistication. Philistine is used to describe someone who is indifferent or hostile to cultural and artistic values. All of these synonyms convey a sense of rudeness, coarseness, and lack of refinement that is associated with churl.

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    A churl is an uncultured person who is coarse and rude in language and manners. A churl is also someone who is unenlightened and believes in superstition.

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