What is another word for idealisms?

Pronunciation: [a͡ɪdˈi͡əlɪzəmz] (IPA)

Idealism is a philosophical concept that describes the belief in the existence of an objective reality that can only be known through thoughts and feelings. However, there are several synonyms for idealisms that people might not be aware of. One such synonym is utopianism which refers to the belief in an ideal society and world. Another synonym is perfectionism, which is the pursuit of excellence and the attainment of the highest standards. Additionally, romanticism, which is the celebration of beauty, nature, and emotions, can also be considered a synonym for idealism. Finally, optimism, which is the belief in a positive future and the eventual success of one's efforts, can also be used as a synonym for idealism.

What are the opposite words for idealisms?

The antonyms for the word "idealisms" are practicality, realism, and materialism. Practicality refers to a pragmatic approach where practical solutions and actions are given more weightage than theoretical ideas. It means focusing on what is feasible and achievable rather than what is idealistic. Realism is a worldview that emphasizes the importance of concrete, observable phenomena rather than abstract concepts. Materialism refers to the belief that material possessions and physical comfort are the most important aspects of life, instead of focusing on spiritual, moral, or social values. These antonyms for idealisms serve as a reminder to balance our idealistic views with a practical approach and embrace the realities of life.

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