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Distrust is a feeling of doubt, skepticism, or suspicion towards someone or something. There are several synonyms for "distrust," including "mistrust," "doubt," "skepticism," "suspicion," "disbelief," and "misgiving." "Mistrust" is a feeling of lack of confidence or trust in someone or something. "Doubt" is a feeling of uncertainty or skepticism about something. "Skepticism" is a philosophy or attitude that rejects or questions claims that are not supported by evidence. "Suspicion" is a feeling of mistrust or doubt towards someone or something. "Disbelief" is a lack of belief in something, while "misgiving" is a feeling of doubt or apprehension about something.

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Distrust is a deep-seated feeling of hostility and mistrust, often originating from experiences of betrayal and neglect. It is a powerful emotion which can lead to isolation and avoidance of relationships.

Distrust can be difficult to overcome, especially if it is entrenched in our psyche. However, it is important to remember that mistrust is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather, it is a reflection of our attitudes and the way we treat others. If we harbour negative attitudes towards others, they are likely to treat us in a similar way.

Distrust can be destructive, particularly when it nurtures negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves.

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