What is another word for frustration?

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When facing hardships and difficulties, it's common to feel frustrated. However, this powerful emotion can hinder our productivity and damage our mental health. Thankfully, there are countless synonyms for "frustration" that can help us better articulate our feelings and devise effective coping strategies. For instance, words like "irritation," "annoyance," "disappointment," and "exasperation" all suggest negative emotions and can be used interchangeably with "frustration." Moreover, words such as "antagonism," "dismay," "chagrin," and "exasperation" allow us to convey feelings of anger, confusion, and despair. Ultimately, by using and understanding these synonyms, we can better manage frustration and overcome any obstacle in our path.

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What are the opposite words for frustration?

Antonyms for the word frustration include satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment, achievement, success, joy, and happiness. While frustration pertains to a feeling of disappointment, anger, and unfulfillment from not achieving a goal, its antonyms are all about joy, contentment, and satisfaction. Success and achievement refer to accomplishing goals and reaching milestones, which provides fulfillment and happiness. Contentment pertains to a state of happiness and peace in one's current situation, while satisfaction relates to feeling contented with what one has achieved or possesses. On the other hand, joy and happiness are emotions that are experienced when one feels good about their current state of being. These antonyms contrast with frustration by promoting positivity, balance, and happiness.

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Usage examples for Frustration

Had it been from loving caresses or a desperate release of stress and frustration on one who had capitulated?
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills
The acid rebuff of the old E left the administrative board hanging in a vacuum of indecision, frustration.
"Eight Keys to Eden"
Mark Irvin Clifton
He could not accept the fact that a lady was fifteen minutes late in keeping her appointment without seeing in that accident the frustration of his entire life.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf

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