What is another word for illegitimately?

Pronunciation: [ɪləd͡ʒˈɪtɪmətli] (IPA)

There are various words that can be used as synonyms for the word "illegitimately". Some of the most common synonyms are "illicitly", "unlawfully", "wrongfully", "illicit", "improperly", and "illegally". All of these words represent the same meaning of doing something against the law or rules. The word "illegitimately" is mostly used to express something done unlawfully or against the standards and principles. These synonyms are usually used in legal contexts, where the implication of right or wrong is significant. Any of these words can be used instead of "illegitimately" depending on the writer's preference and the context of the sentence they are used in.

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What are the hypernyms for Illegitimately?

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What are the opposite words for illegitimately?

The word "illegitimately" can be described as something that is done in an unauthorized or improper way. Some of the antonyms for this word include legitimately, lawfully, rightfully, properly, legally, correctly, justly, and rightfully. These words are used to describe actions that are done in accordance with laws, regulations, or moral standards. For instance, if someone has received a rightful inheritance, it can be said that they received it lawfully, properly, or rightfully. Similarly, if someone is conducting business and following all related laws and regulations, it can be said they are conducting their business legitimately.

What are the antonyms for Illegitimately?

Usage examples for Illegitimately

That when the conclusion thus illegitimately evolved was directly confronted with the fact of cosmic harmony which it professes to explain, he found it to be beyond the powers of human thought to conceive of such an effect as due to such a cause.
"A Candid Examination of Theism"
George John Romanes
Not only must he be prepared to fight in the Patent Office and pursue a regular course of patent litigation against those who may honestly deem themselves to be protected by other inventions or patents of similar character, and also proceed against more palpable infringers who are openly, defiantly, and illegitimately engaged in competitive business operations, but he must, as well, endeavor to protect himself against the assaults of impudent fraud by educating the public mind to a point of intelligent apprehension of the true status of his invention and the conflicting claims involved.
"Edison, His Life and Inventions"
Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin
To commence with we may note that in contra-distinction to "freedom" where the testimony of consciousness is illegitimately invoked, a consciousness of responsibility is essential to its existence.
"Determinism or Free-Will?"
Chapman Cohen

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