What is another word for dishonorable?

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Dishonorable is an adjective that describes an act or person lacking in moral standards or integrity. Synonyms for dishonorable include disreputable, unscrupulous, unethical, immoral, corrupt, fraudulent, deceitful, and insincere. A person with dishonorable intentions may employ underhanded or devious tactics to achieve their goals. Dishonorable behavior can manifest in various forms, such as cheating, lying, stealing, or engaging in illegal activities. It is essential to avoid such individuals or actions as they can bring forth severe consequences and tarnish one's reputation. Honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct are vital to upholding moral values and building trust and credibility in personal and professional relationships.

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How to use "Dishonorable" in context?

Dishonorable, as a word, has a negative connotation. To be honorable is to behave with integrity and respect for others. To have a dishonorable disposition is to have little or no respect for others and to behave in a way that is harmful or disrespectful to them. Someone who is dishonorable is likely to behave in a way that is harmful to themselves or to those around them.

There are different ways that someone can be dishonorable. They may behave in a way that is wrong or illegal. They may be dishonest or unfair. They may act in a way that is harmful to others or destructive.

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