What is another word for unduly?

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[ ʌndjˈuːli], [ ʌndjˈuːli], [ ʌ_n_d_j_ˈuː_l_i]

Unduly is an adverb that refers to something that is excessively or unnecessarily. Synonyms for unduly include inordinately, overly, excessively, disproportionately, extravagantly, exorbitantly, immoderately, disproportionately, unreasonably, extremely, unjustifiably, and too much. These words convey the idea of something that is beyond the expected or appropriate level. Unduly can be used to modify various words such as influenced, affected, stressed, or criticized. The use of synonyms for unduly can add depth and clarity to your writing. When writing, it is important to choose the right words that convey your intended meaning accurately.

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    How to use "Unduly" in context?

    When something goes beyond the necessary bounds, it can be called "unduly." This word has a range of meanings, but most commonly refers to something that is too much for a particular situation. For example, one might say that the weather was "unduly hot" or "unduly cold." In these cases, the temperature was beyond what was necessary for comfort, and was instead too much for the average person.

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