What is another word for inaccurately?

Pronunciation: [ɪnˈakjʊɹətli] (IPA)

Inaccurately is a word that refers to something done or said in a manner that is not correct or precise. There are various synonyms for inaccurately, and one of them is wrongly, which is used when something is done in an incorrect or mistaken manner. Another synonym is mistakenly, which suggests that an action or statement is based on incorrect assumptions or beliefs. Other possible alternatives for inaccurately include erroneously, mistakenly, improperly, unsuitably, and inadequately. These words can be used in place of inaccurately to create more varied and also nuanced meanings in your writing or speech.

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What are the hypernyms for Inaccurately?

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What are the opposite words for inaccurately?

The antonyms for the word "inaccurately" are accurately, precisely, correctly and exactly. Accuracy is important in everyday communication, as one needs to convey a message that is not misinterpreted or misunderstood. When one's words or actions are accurately aligned with a specific task, goal or objective, it will result in better output and success in the long run. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to detail and ensure that one's work is precise and accurate, to avoid any discrepancies or errors. Accuracy allows for clear and straightforward communication, which is essential in every aspect of life.

Usage examples for Inaccurately

It is quite possible, however, that Farnese-not so attentively following the Doctor's eloquence as he had appeared to do-had somewhat inaccurately reported the conversations, which, after all, he knew to be of no consequence whatever, except as time-consumers.
"History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete"
John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009
This is not always foreseen; and when anticipated is often inaccurately estimated.
"On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures"
Charles Babbage
This play of mine was not, I think, inaccurately defined as an epic drama in the French verses of dedication which were acknowledged by the greatest of all French poets in a letter from which I dare only quote one line of Olympian judgment and godlike generosity.
"Poems & Ballads (First Series)"
Algernon Charles Swinburne

Famous quotes with Inaccurately

  • The account of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as the manuscripts are inaccurately designated, and of the half a century of intense research that followed, is in itself a fascinating as well as an exasperating story.
    Geza Vermes
  • public opinion in a democracy is a sort of funhouse mirror that reflects—albeit inaccurately, imperfectly, and often quite reluctantly—the views of the governing elite.
    Curtis Yarvin

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