What is another word for categorically?

Pronunciation: [kˌatɪɡˈɒɹɪkli] (IPA)

Categorically is an adverb that means without reservation or ambiguity. It is often used to emphasize the speaker's certainty when making a statement or taking a position on an issue. Synonyms for categorically include unequivocally, decisively, definitively, unambiguously, explicitly, emphatically, and positively. All these words convey a sense of clarity and firmness in communication. Additionally, other synonyms for categorically could be downright, absolutely, resolutely, and wholeheartedly. So, depending on the context of the statement or conversation, any of these words could be used interchangeably with the word categorically.

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Antonyms for the word "categorically" include equivocally, tentatively, doubtfully, uncertainly, and hesitantly. These words imply a lack of commitment or affirmative assertion. While "categorically" indicates a definitive statement or action, its antonyms emphasize the lack of concrete evidence, knowledge, or confidence. In some instances, using antonyms of "categorically" can help to express ambiguity, doubt, or a need for further exploration or clarification. It is essential to choose the right antonym to convey the intended meaning effectively. Nevertheless, it is important to note that antonyms are situational and context-dependent, and may not always be the exact opposite of the word in question.

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Usage examples for Categorically

"I haven't the right to say whom my father shall permit in his house," declared Morgan with, as yet, a certain remnant of restraint upon his anger, "but I do assert plainly and categorically that I shan't remain silent under the abuse of that hospitality."
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
Now she meant to dispose of that quickly and categorically and have it done with.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
When, therefore, the curate of Hursley came to Farnham to be admitted to the priesthood, he was required, contrary to the usual custom with candidates, to state categorically his views upon the Holy Eucharist.
"John Keble's Parishes"
Charlotte M Yonge

Famous quotes with Categorically

  • I think we actually punish children out of their relationship with their bodies... we categorically separate mind and body and emotion and intellect.
    Susan Griffin
  • I can tell you categorically that we at 60 Minutes did not pay Michael Jackson one cent.
    Don Hewitt
  • I'm truly worried about the country's direction. I can tell you this categorically, we've got the weakest president and the weakest governor in the history of my 50 years of public service.
    Ernest F. Hollings
  • If Pakistan has any ideas of annexing any part of our territories by force, she should think afresh. I want to state categorically that force will be met with force and aggression against us will never be allowed to succeed.
    Lal Bahadur Shastri
  • My positions are very clear: I never hide the fact that I categorically oppose a Palestinian state inside our country
    Naftali Bennett

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