What is another word for categorically?

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[ kˌatɪɡˈɒɹɪkli], [ kˌatɪɡˈɒɹɪkli], [ k_ˌa_t_ɪ_ɡ_ˈɒ_ɹ_ɪ_k_l_i]

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    Synonyms for Categorically:

    How to use "Categorically" in context?

    If something is categorical, it is clear and definite. Unfortunately, this quality also makes categorical statements difficult to dispute. The Oxford English Dictionary defines categorical as "relating to or being acategory ofness, as opposed to a particular instance or case." In other words, categorical statements are definitive and not open to interpretation.

    One example of a categorical statement is "I am not going to the party." This statement is categorical because it is clear and definitive. There is no way for the speaker to change their mind and go to the party. Another example is "You are not allowed in this room.

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