What is another word for at once?

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[ ɐtwˈɒns], [ ɐtwˈɒns], [ ɐ_t__w_ˈɒ_n_s]

At once is an expression that means immediately or instantly. There are many synonyms to describe this action such as promptly, right away, without delay, instantaneously, right now, in a flash, rapidly, or in an instant. Other synonyms for at once include quickly, on the spot, speedily, straightaway, as soon as possible, posthaste, without hesitation, ASAP, lickety-split, and forthwith. These phrases can be used in various situations where an immediate response or action is required. Adding variety to one's vocabulary by using synonyms can help to convey a more accurate or appropriate tone or message.

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How to use "At once" in context?

When something happens at once it is simultaneous. It is when two or more events happen at the same time. Whenever something happens at once we often say it " Packs a punch ". For example, if someone tells you to go get some ice cream and then their phone rings, you would have to get ice cream and answer the phone at the same time. It would be inconceivable to try to answer the phone after getting ice cream. This is because doing so would require breaking the simultaneous event.

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