What is another word for jury-rigged?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈʊ͡əɹiɹˈɪɡd] (IPA)

Jury-rigged is a term used to describe something that was put together quickly and temporarily to solve a problem, often using whatever materials are available. However, if you are looking for alternatives to this term, there are several synonyms that can be used. Some of these include improvised, makeshift, slapped together, rigged, and cobbled together. Each of these words conveys the same sense of something being assembled in a hasty and temporary manner. If you are looking for a more positive connotation, you might consider the term resourceful, which conveys a similar idea of using whatever is available, but with a more positive tone.

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What are the opposite words for jury-rigged?

The word "jury-rigged" is often used to describe something that has been hastily or temporarily assembled using whatever materials are available. Some antonyms for this term might include "well-constructed," "efficient," or "professional." Other opposite meanings could include "careful," "precise," or "meticulous." These terms suggest a level of planning and effort that is absent in something that has been hastily thrown together. Other antonyms could include "permanent," "durable," or "sturdy," which suggest that the thing in question has been built to last and will not fall apart quickly. Ultimately, the word "jury-rigged" suggests a certain level of impermanence, while its antonyms suggest a greater degree of stability and permanence.

Famous quotes with Jury-rigged

  • Our world is not an optimal place, fine tuned by omnipotent forces of selection. It is a quirky mass of imperfections, working well enough (often admirably); a jury-rigged set of adaptations built of curious parts made available by past histories in different contexts. […] A world optimally adapted to current environments is a world without history, and a world without history might have been created as we find it. History matters; it confounds perfection and proves that current life transformed its own past.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • William I’m sorry I let my brother hoist you up the mast in that crappy jury-rigged bosun’s chair while everybody laughed! William I’m sorry I could build better fires than you could! I’m sorry my stack of Christmas cards was always bigger than yours! … William I’m sorry I invented bop jogging which you couldn’t do! I’m sorry I loved Antigua! I’m sorry my mind wandered when you talked about the army! I’m sorry I was superior in argument! I’m sorry you slit open my bicycle tires looking for incriminating letters that you didn’t find! You’ll never find them! … William! I’m sorry I looked at Sam but he was so handsome, so handsome, who could not! I’m sorry I slept with Sam! I’m sorry about the library books! I’m sorry about Pete! I’m sorry I never played the guitar you gave me! I’m sorry I married you and I’ll never so it again!
    Donald Barthelme
  • Well aware of both the continuity and contingency of human affairs, Adams and Madison searched the works of Tacitus and Voltaire and Locke like carpenters rummaging through their assortment of tools, knowing that all the pediments were jury-rigged, all the provisional, all the alliances temporary.
    Lewis H. Lapham

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