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The word "exact" means precise, accurate, or correct. Synonyms for the word "exact" include words like perfect, definite, meticulous, and even meticulous. Other synonyms for the word "exact" could include words like complete, genuine, or authentic. When we want to express something with precision, we might use synonyms like "precise" or "meticulous." When we need to describe something that is entirely accurate, "perfect" could be an appropriate synonym. Overall, there are many synonyms to use for the word "exact" that carry slightly different connotations, depending on the context in which they are used.

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    The word "exact" means "to make a precise or perfect copy." It is used in a variety of contexts, including in science and math. For example, when a scientist measures the exact weight of a sample, they are trying to make a precise copy of the weight.

    In math, exact calculations are crucial for problems that involve dividing one number by another. For example, if someone wants to divide 100 by 5, they need an exact calculation in order to get the correct result.

    Exactness is also important when it comes to writing.

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