What is another word for keening?

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The word "keening" refers to a loud and mournful sound or wail, especially in grieving. Synonyms for this word include lamenting, mourning, crying, weeping, and wailing. These words describe the intense emotions felt by individuals in moments of deep sadness or loss. Another word that can be used in the same context is sobbing, which refers to the act of crying heavily and uncontrollably. Other synonyms for keening include bemoaning, howling, lamentation, and ululating. Each of these words conveys a sense of deep pain and sorrow, which is often experienced during times of loss or grief.

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    Keening, known by a variety of other names including wailing, yowling, howling, and howling in pain, is a vocal cry usually emitted when an animal is in pain or distress. It is a type of vocalization that is typically emitted by domestic and wild carnivores in particular, such as dogs, wolves, and lions, when they are in pain or experiencing a sad or mournful state. The sound is often described as an intense and heart-wrenching howl, and can be quite alarming to hear.

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