What is another word for hate?

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Hate is a strong emotion that can be difficult to express. Sometimes, using synonyms for the word "hate" can help to accurately convey this feeling. Some common synonyms for "hate" include loathe, despise, detest, abhor, and disdain. These words all convey a strong sense of dislike or aversion towards something or someone. Other synonyms for "hate" might include phrases like "can't stand," "disgusted by," or "fed up with." While it's important to express our emotions honestly, it's also important to remember that words can be powerful, and choosing the right synonym can make a big difference in how our message is received.

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I have never sat down and put into words what hate feels like, until now. I have read and heard about it, but until I felt it for myself, I could not understand what it was. When I was younger, I would get mad at my sister and beat her up, not because I loved her, but because I hated her. I would say hateful things to her, and I would hurt her feelings because it made me feel better. I would say things like "I wish you would die" and "you're a worthless human being" and "I hope you get cancer". I would do things to her just because I could.

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