What is another word for keenness?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːnnəs] (IPA)

Keenness is defined as a strong intensity of feeling or a high degree of eagerness. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of keenness, including enthusiasm, zeal, passion, fervor, ardor, or eagerness. Enthusiasm implies a strong sense of excitement or enthusiasm towards an activity or subject. Zeal is another word that suggests a strong passion or enthusiasm for something. Passion is a powerful feeling of intense emotion towards something or someone. Fervor and ardor both suggest a strong desire and enthusiasm towards a particular idea or activity. Eagerness is another synonym for keenness that suggests a strong desire to pursue or engage in something.

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Keenness refers to a strong interest or enthusiasm about something. The antonyms of keenness are apathy, indifference, lethargy, and boredom. Apathy is a lack of interest and enthusiasm, and it suggests a sense of indifference. Indifference is a state of not caring about something, and it describes a lack of emotion or concern. Lethargy is a state of sluggishness and apathy when an individual lacks physical or mental energy. Boredom is another word for apathy, indicating a lack of interest and enthusiasm. To avoid apathy and cultivate keenness, one can practice mindfulness, set goals, and engage in activities that bring joy and excitement.

Usage examples for Keenness

He watched with all his own practised keenness the varying emotions the letter cost; but he saw that, as he finished, selfishness had triumphed, and that the prospect of safety had blunted every sentiment as to the price.
"The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)"
Charles James Lever
The keenness of your intelligence is only excelled by your kindness of heart.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
keenness of vision, presence of mind in case of conflict or danger, together with steadiness of nerve, are the essential characteristics of a true hunter.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs

Famous quotes with Keenness

  • Much of his work he did while confined to his bed. He was always an invalid, always obliged to take great care of himself, living constantly with death just before him, never idle a moment for fear his work would not be done. Probably no man ever lived who assailed the Church and the State with the same wit and keenness that was always at Voltaire's command; and yet in spite of this he managed to live comfortably, accumulate riches and die in peace.
    Clarence Darrow
  • Many solutions are offered as to how to gain the something more in life. ...Wealth, strength, and keenness of intellect, taken separately of together, do not constitute the essence of real life. ...At its best, life consists of these things, plus something more. ...In Jesus Christ we see perfection in life. ...From an imperfect understanding of Jesus Christ, it would appear that real life depends upon the fulfilling of three conditions—the dwelling on friendly and affectionate terms with God, with ourselves, and with our fellowmen. ...If we fulfill to any degree these three conditions of being in friendly relations with God, ourselves, and our fellows, we shall discover something more of the meaning of life.
    Kirby Page
  • Our difficulty comesin deciding where ethical coercion ends and unethical violence begins.orderly progress depends upon intellectual keenness and ethical sensitiveness with which the situation is confronted.
    Kirby Page
  • Suppose, now, there is such a thing as an all-round inferior race. Is that any reason why we should propose to preserve it for ever...? Whether there is a race so inferior I do not know, but certainly there is no race so superior as to be trusted with human charges. The true answer to Aristotle’s plea for slavery, that there are “natural slaves,” lies in the fact that there are no “natural” masters... The true objection to slavery is not that it is unjust to the inferior but that it corrupts the superior. There is only one sane and logical thing to be done with a really inferior race, and that is to exterminate it. Now there are various ways of exterminating a race, and most of them are cruel. You may end it with fire and sword after the old Hebrew fashion; you may enslave it and work it to death, as the Spaniards did the Caribs; you may set it boundaries and then poison it slowly with deleterious commodities, as the Americans do with most of their Indians; you may incite it to wear clothing to which it is not accustomed and to live under new and strange conditions that will expose it to infectious diseases to which you yourselves are immune, as the missionaries do the Polynesians; you may resort to honest simple murder, as we English did with the Tasmanians; or you can maintain such conditions as conduce to “race suicide,” as the British administration does in Fiji. Suppose, then, for a moment, that there is an all-round inferior race... If any of the race did, after all, prove to be fit to survive, they would survive—they would be picked out with a sure and automatic justice from the over-ready condemnation of all their kind. Is there, however, an all-round inferior race in the world? Even the Australian black-fellow is, perhaps, not quite so entirely eligible for extinction as a good, wholesome, horse-racing, sheep-farming Australian white may think. These queer little races, the black-fellows, the Pigmies, the Bushmen, may have their little gifts, a greater keenness, a greater fineness of this sense or that, a quaintness of the imagination or what not, that may serve as their little unique addition to the totality of our Utopian civilisation. We are supposing that every individual alive on earth is alive in Utopia, and so all the surviving “black-fellows” are there. Every one of them in Utopia has had what none have had on earth, a fair education and fair treatment, justice, and opportunity...Some may be even prosperous and admired, may have married women of their own or some other race, and so may be transmitting that distinctive thin thread of excellence, to take its due place in the great synthesis of the future.
    H. G. Wells

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