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The word 'kerb' is commonly used to refer to the edge of a pavement or sidewalk, but there are many synonyms that can be used interchangeably. These include 'curb', 'edge', 'boundary', 'border', 'perimeter', 'rim', 'boundary line', 'divide', and 'line of demarcation'. Different regions may use different terms - for example, 'kerb' is more commonly used in the UK, while 'curb' is more common in the US. Regardless of the word choice, it is important to remember that these terms refer to the same physical division between the road and the pavement.

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Kerb is a street or road verge, usually divided from the adjacent carriageway by a concrete or grass parapet, either continuous or varying in height, most commonly found in Britain and Ireland. Kerbs are considered an important separator of traffic streams, and their surface should be carefully designed to minimise collisions, especially at junctions. The traditional kerb of a two-lane road typically has a Depression in the centre, with raised edges on either side; a kerb on a one-lane road will usually have only raised edges.

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