What is another word for barrier?

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Barriers can be physical or abstract, and there are many different ways to describe them. Some synonyms for the word barrier might include obstacle, hurdle, hindrance, blockade, wall, fence, or impediment. Thesaurus options for a barrier might also include terms like barricade, screen, partition, or dam. These words all share the common notion of something that prevents or obstructs progress or movement, but they all have slightly different connotations. A fence might imply more of a boundary while a blockade could suggest something more intentional or political. Regardless of the context, understanding the nuances of these different terms can help writers or speakers communicate more effectively when describing barriers in their work.

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    Everyone periodically comes across a situation where they must overcome a barrier in order to achieve a goal. In some cases these barriers may be physical, such as a locked door, while in other cases they may be mental, such as a fear of public speaking.

    Regardless of their form, barriers can be powerful inhibitors to progress. They can be difficult to surmount, presenting a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in the way of success.

    Despite the power of barriers, they can also be overcome with perseverance and a sense of focus.

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