What is another word for last part?

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[ lˈast pˈɑːt], [ lˈast pˈɑːt], [ l_ˈa_s_t p_ˈɑː_t]

The term "last part" refers to the final section or component of something. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in its place, depending on the context and desired tone of the sentence. For instance, "concluding part," "final stretch," "end game," "tail end," "bottom line," "final chapter," and "finale" are all possible replacement words for "last part." Other alternatives such as "culminating section," "end section," "finishing touch," "closing stages," and "ultimate phase" may also be used to convey the idea of the final portion of a project or event. Choosing the right synonym for "last part" can enhance the clarity and impact of any written or spoken communication.

How to use "Last part" in context?

There is a saying that "the last part is always the hardest." And, unfortunately, this is often the case when it comes to endings. For example, series finale or movie climaxes often tend to be the most explosive and suspenseful parts of a story, and often require the most strenuous emotional effort from the audience. Even in more straightforward narratives like novels or short stories, it's often the last chapter or section that leaves the reader on a cliffhanger or with unanswered questions.

But, as much as it can be difficult to let go of a story or unresolved plot points, it's absolutely crucial that endings are done justice.

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