What is another word for terminus?

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Terminus is a word that refers to the final point or end of a journey or a destination. Synonyms for terminus include destination, end, point of arrival, end point, goal, conclusion, final destination, last stop, last station, last port, endpoint, and finish. These words have similar meanings but are used in different contexts. The term destination is used to refer to a place that someone plans to reach, while terminus refers to the end of a specific journey or transportation system. End point is used to refer to the final point of a process, while finish is used to refer to the end of an event or task.

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    Terminus, meaning "the end," is a word most commonly associated with the physical end of a route, such as a road, path, or railroad. It may also refer to the point at which a journey or event comes to an end. A terminal may also be the name of a city, railway station, or other facility at the terminus.

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