What is another word for laughably?

57 synonyms found


[ lˈafəblɪ], [ lˈafəblɪ], [ l_ˈa_f_ə_b_l_ɪ]

Similar words: laughably true, laughably, laughably, laughably, laughably

How to use "Laughably" in context?

The word "laughably" can be defined as something that is so unusual, funny, or absurd that it is laughable. It can also be used to say something is so ridiculous that it cannot be taken seriously.

One example of something that is laughably ridiculous is when someone claims to have superpowers. Another example is when someone commits a silly crime, like stealing a cup of ice cream from a grocery store.

Laughably ridiculous things can happen in any situation and can be enjoyed by everyone. For example, when a celebrity makes a fool of themselves on television, or when a normal person does something very weird and ridiculous.

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