What is another word for ludicrous?

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[ lˈuːdɪkɹəs], [ lˈuːdɪkɹəs], [ l_ˈuː_d_ɪ_k_ɹ_ə_s]

The word "ludicrous" is an adjective that means absurd, ridiculous, or laughable. When searching for synonyms of this word, one can come up with an overwhelming number of options depending on the context. Some of the possible synonyms include preposterous, nonsensical, farcical, comical, silly, laughable, ridiculous, absurd, outrageous, insane, and ludicrous. Each of these words denotes a level of extravagance beyond what is reasonable, plausible or logical. Whether you aim to describe a ridiculous situation, conversation, or behavior, these synonyms for ludicrous can help you to convey meaning and accuracy in your writing or speech.

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    The word ludicrous is derived from the Latin word meaning "out of place." With this definition in mind, one could easily come to the conclusion that the word has nothing positive to offer. However, ludicrous can be used in a positive light, particularly when used in a humorous context. For example, when a person says that something is ludicrous, it means that the given situation is unrealistic or unbelievable. This use of the word is often used to lighten the overall mood of a conversation or story. It can also be used to express disbelief or disdain.

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