What is another word for absurdly?

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Absurdly is a word that denotes a sense of extreme exaggeration or exaggeration beyond what is logical or reasonable. There are several synonyms for the word "absurdly," each of which denotes a similar sense of extreme exaggeration or illogicality. Some synonyms for absurdly include ridiculously, preposterously, insanely, nonsensically, and absurdly. Ridiculously denotes a sense of extreme silliness or foolishness, while preposterously indicates a sense of illogicality or unreasonableness. Insanely implies a sense of extreme madness or irrationality, while nonsensically denotes a sense of illogicality or irrationality. Absurdly itself connotes a sense of extreme illogicality or silliness, making it an ideal word to use in situations that require a sense of irony or humor.

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Absurdly, the last word on my tongue as I step out of my car into the blistering sun. Why didn't I think to bring an umbrella? Absurd. Nevertheless, this will have to do. Crossing my arms, I head towards the entrance, sunglasses perched precariously on my nose. Just as I reach the bronze pole, a bird swoops down, startling me. Gasping, I tuck my hair behind my ear and attempting to appear nonchalant step up to the scanner. Absurdly, the machine beeps, indicating that I do not have my ID with me.

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