What is another word for laughable?

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There is a variety of synonyms for the word "laughable" that can be used to express the same meaning. One of them is "ridiculous," which refers to something that is absurd or comical. Another synonym for "laughable" is "hilarious," which conveys a sense of uncontrollable laughter. Additionally, "amusing" can be used to describe something that tickles one's funny bone, while "ludicrous" suggests something that is highly unlikely or unbelievable. "Comical" also works as a synonym for "laughable," describing something that is humorous or amusing in a playful way. Finally, "funny" is a simple and universal alternative to "laughable," conveying the same sense of humor and amusement.

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How to use "Laughable" in context?

Laughable is an adjective that means laughable. Some examples of things that might be deemed laughable are something that is incredibly laughable, something that is so ridiculous that it can't be taken seriously, or something that is so absurd that it can't be ignored. In general, anything that is ridiculous or laughable tends to make people laugh.

There are many different reasons why something might be considered laughable. For example, something might be laughable because it is so absurd that it can't be ignored or because it is so out of character that it seems like a joke.

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