What is another word for light-colored?

Pronunciation: [lˈa͡ɪtkˈʌləd] (IPA)

Light-colored refers to a hue that is brighter or paler in comparison to darker colors. Some synonyms that can be used to portray light-colored are pastel, pale, muted, subdued, soft, delicate, faint, washed-out, neutral, and creamy. Pastel can be used for colors with a gentle or faint hue, while pale signifies a color that is light but lacks vibrancy. Muted is the best word to describe colors that have been toned down or made less vivid. Soft refers to colors that have a soothing or gentle quality, while delicate is suitable for colors that are fragile or subtle. Faint can be used to describe a color that is barely distinguishable, while washed-out suggests that a color has lost its intensity or brightness. Neutral can be used to describe colors such as beige, ivory or off-white, whereas creamy is used to describe colors with a hint of yellow or white.

Synonyms for Light-colored:

What are the hypernyms for Light-colored?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for light-colored?

Dark-colored is the antonym for the word "light-colored." Dark-colored refers to the shades that are opposite to the light hues. These shades appear dimmer and less bright than the light colors. Dark colors include black, navy blue, forest green, maroon, and other similar hues. These colors tend to absorb light and reflect a smaller amount of light, resulting in an overall darker appearance. When referring to fabrics, dark-colored materials can also help to hide stains and wear and tear better than lighter shades. Overall, while light-colored represents bright and cheerful hues, dark-colored represents the opposite- dim and subdued shades.

What are the antonyms for Light-colored?

  • adj.


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