What is another word for promiscuous?

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[ p_ɹ_ə_m_ˈɪ_s_k_j_uː_ə_s], [ pɹəmˈɪskjuːəs], [ pɹəmˈɪskjuːəs]

Synonyms for Promiscuous:

eastern poison oak (adjective) indiscriminate (adjective) eastern poison oak indiscriminate Other synonyms:

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Quotes for Promiscuous:

  1. People should be allowed the freedom to make their own choices. They should be able to buy or not buy porn and be monogamous or promiscuous as they see fit. Chester Brown.
  2. The fact that a person loves one particular person is what is important; the life lesson, whether you are homosexual or heterosexual, is that you not be promiscuous and true to one person. Loretta Devine.
  3. I went out with a promiscuous impressionist- she did everybody. Jay London.