What is another word for makes merry?

Pronunciation: [mˌe͡ɪks mˈɛɹi] (IPA)

"Makes merry" is an expression used to describe the act of having a good time, specifically by enjoying oneself in the company of others. There are plenty of synonyms that can be used to convey the same sentiment, such as "celebrate," "revel," "party," "enjoy," "amuse," "entertain," "delight in," and "carouse." Each of these words conveys a similar sense of happiness and merriment, but with slightly different nuances. For example, "celebrate" suggests a more formal occasion, while "amuse" implies a sense of laughter and enjoyment in the company of others. "Makes merry" is a timeless phrase that can be translated into many different words depending on the context, but the essence remains the same.

Synonyms for Makes merry:

What are the hypernyms for Makes merry?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for makes merry?

The term "makes merry" refers to a jovial or celebratory mood that someone may exhibit. If we were to search for antonyms of this term, we could start with words that describe a more serious or melancholic demeanor. Antonyms such as "mourns" or "grieves" would indicate a mood that is opposite to that of making merry. Similarly, words such as "sulks" or "broods" would signify a gloomy or unhappy mood, which is not conducive to making merry. In contrast, more neutral or reserved antonyms, such as "quiets" or "calms," do not necessarily suggest a negative mood, but they lack the liveliness and enthusiasm associated with making merry.

What are the antonyms for Makes merry?

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