What is another word for notoryctus?

Pronunciation: [nˈə͡ʊtɔːɹˌɪktəs] (IPA)

Notoryctus is a genus of marsupial mole found in Australia. Some popular synonyms for this word include the "marsupial mole," "desert mole," and "sand mole." These small, burrowing animals have adapted to living in arid regions of Australia, with an ability to survive in harsh conditions by regulating their body temperature and conserving water. They have powerful forelimbs and broad, shovel-like noses that help them dig through the sand, searching for prey such as insects and small invertebrates. Despite being elusive creatures, notoryctus are considered important organisms in their desert ecosystems, as their burrowing behavior enriches the soil and allows other animals to survive in the harsh environment.

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