What is another word for disallow?

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The word disallow means to refuse permission for something. However, there are numerous synonyms for the word disallow such as prohibit, forbid, ban, veto, deny, reject, oppose, interdict, and outlaw. These synonyms mean to put an end to or to prevent something from happening. All of these words indicate a strong objection or rejection of an idea or an action. They are often used in legal contexts to represent the verdict of a court of law or in government rulings to restrict or ban certain practices. In everyday usage, these words can be used to communicate a definitive decision in a situation where something is not allowed.

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    Disallow is a Django recipe to remove specific HTTP response codes from a given path.

    When a requirement is added to a custom HTTP response status code (400, 401, 503, etc.), it can be easy to forget to disallow certain codes from occuring on a given path. With Disallow, this is easy to do.

    Simply create a disallow statement for a specific HTTP code, and Django will automatically remove any HTTP response codes for that code from any path you specify. This can be useful for excluding certain responses from being served as part of your web content.

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