What is another word for keep?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːp] (IPA)

Keep is a versatile verb that has multiple synonyms with similar meanings. Some common synonyms for keep are hold, retain, maintain, preserve, continue. Hold has a connotation of physically grasping onto something while retain and maintain imply keeping something in its original state. Preserve means to protect something from harm or alteration. Continue means to keep a practice, habit or activity going. Some other synonyms for keep are conserve, sustain, guard, adhere, cherish, save, store, and secure. All these words imply some form of ongoing care, protection, or preservation of something or someone. These words can help you add variety and depth to your writing by using them instead of the word keep.

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The word "keep" refers to holding onto something, maintaining it, or preserving it. Its antonyms are terms that convey an opposite meaning such as lose, release, relinquish, and abandon. To "lose" something means to be deprived of it or for it to disappear from one's possession. "Release" and "relinquish" both embody the act of letting go of something, whether it be a physical object or a thought or emotion. "Abandon" describes the act of leaving something behind or giving up on it entirely. By exploring antonyms like these, we can expand our vocabulary and come to a fuller understanding of the meaning of the word "keep.

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