What is another word for compulsion?

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Compulsion is a term used to describe an irresistible urge to do something. There are various synonyms that can be used interchangeably with compulsion, such as obsession, addiction, craving, impulse, and urge. These words are commonly used to describe an intense desire or a need to do something repeatedly that can be both physical and mental in nature. Compulsions can take the form of habits, behaviors, rituals, or thoughts that cannot be easily controlled or resisted. They are often associated with negative consequences such as anxiety, stress, or guilt. Identifying the synonyms for compulsion can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of this complex phenomenon.

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    Compulsion is a psychological term used to describe the need to engage in an action against one's will. The concept has a long history dating back to ancient Greece, where philosophers debated its existence and implications. In recent years, compulsion has generated a great deal of interest in both psychiatry and psychology, as researchers continue to explore its root causes and potential effects.

    There is no single definition of compulsion, as it can be based on a variety of factors. Most commonly, compulsion is considered to be a psychological phenomenon arising from an individual's perception of themselves as being compelled to engage in an action by an irresistible force.

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