What is another word for Nissen Hut?

Pronunciation: [nˈɪsən hˈʌt] (IPA)

A Nissen hut is a type of prefabricated steel structure that was used extensively during World War I and II as accommodation for troops, storage, and workshops. It is also known as a Quonset hut, after the U.S. Navy base where it was first introduced. Other synonyms for the Nissen hut include the RAF hut, sectional building, and arc hut. RAF huts were similar in design to Nissen huts but were specifically used by the Royal Air Force during the war. Sectional buildings were also prefabricated structures used by the military, while arc huts were a more basic type of hut made of corrugated iron. These terms are still used today to describe similar types of structures used for storage, workshops, and even as homes.

Synonyms for Nissen hut:

What are the hypernyms for Nissen hut?

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