What is another word for no-count?

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[ nˈə͡ʊkˈa͡ʊnt], [ nˈə‍ʊkˈa‍ʊnt], [ n_ˈəʊ_k_ˈaʊ_n_t]

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    Synonyms for No-count:

    How to use "No-count" in context?

    One interesting aspect of poker is the ability to play without counting cards. This is known as "no-count" or "heads-up" play. If a player has no better hand than their opponents, they may choose to not count their cards. This can make the game much more even, as the average hand will be lessened. It also allows for more interesting hand dynamics and provides a different challenge for those who enjoy playing poker.

    There is some debate over whether or not no-count is actually a fair playing style.

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