What is another word for valuable?

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Valuable is a word that expresses the worth or importance of an object or person. There are several synonyms for the word valuable, including precious, priceless, significant, worthy, important, and esteemed. The word precious refers to something that is of high value and importance, while priceless refers to something that is so valuable that it cannot be priced. Significant is used to describe something that is important and has an impact on the future. Worthy refers to something or someone that deserves attention and respect. Important mainly emphasizes the significance of something or someone. Finally, esteemed is used to describe something or someone of high respect and admiration.

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Valuable, which refers to something with great worth or importance, has several antonyms. These include worthless, insignificant, trivial, useless, and cheap. Worthless refers to something having no value or utility, while insignificant suggests something being unimportant or meaningless. Trivial alludes to something unremarkable or mundane, and useless describes something having no practical value or benefit. Lastly, cheap means something being of low quality and having a low price. All of these words are antonyms for valuable and are used to describe things that are opposite to things considered to be valuable.

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