What is another word for useless?

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There are many synonyms for the word "useless" that you can use to add variety and interest to your writing. Some common synonyms include meaningless, pointless, futile, ineffective, ineffectual, worthless, and inadequate. Other options may include unproductive, irrelevant, inconsequential, unavailing, unsuccessful, and impotent. No matter which word you choose, it is essential to pick a term that accurately conveys the sense of inadequacy or lack of usefulness that you are trying to express. By selecting the right synonym, you can make your writing more vivid and engaging, and encourage your readers to connect with your ideas on a deeper level.

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    Are there things in life that are truly useless? In some cases, no. But in the vast majority of cases, yes. Here are 100 examples of things that are either completely and utterly useless or could be better suited for a specific use other than what they currently serve.

    1. A cell phone that weighs more than a pound

    2. A car that is more than 25 years old

    3. A TV that is larger than 40 inches

    4. A computer that is older than two years

    5. A toaster that doesn't toast bread

    6. A vacuum cleaner that doesn't work

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