What is another word for lamentable?

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[ lɐmˈɛntəbə͡l], [ lɐmˈɛntəbə‍l], [ l_ɐ_m_ˈɛ_n_t_ə_b_əl]

The word "lamentable" is used to describe something that is regrettable or unfortunate. It can also imply a sense of grief or sorrow. Some synonyms for "lamentable" include "deplorable", "pitiful", "disheartening", "mournful", and "woeful". These words may be used to describe situations or events that cause sadness or disappointment. "Deplorable" suggests an action or situation that is considered morally unacceptable. "Pitiful" implies a situation that arouses pity or sympathy. "Disheartening" can refer to something that causes a loss of confidence or enthusiasm. "Mournful" and "woeful" may be used to describe occasions that are particularly sad or tragic.

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    Lamentable, indeed. No other word accurately describes the sorry state of our nation. Our government is corrupt, our economy is stagnant, and our social fabric is in tatters. We are a nation on the brink of destruction, and it's high time we put a stop to it.

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