What is another word for oarfish?

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The ocean is home to a wide array of unique and fascinating creatures, one of which is the oarfish. This majestic fish, also referred to as the king of herrings, is known for its elongated, serpent-like body that can reach up to 36 feet in length. Despite its distinct appearance, the oarfish has several synonyms that are often used to describe it, including ribbonfish and threadfish. These monikers are derived from the fish's long, ribbon-like shape and thread-like fin rays that run the length of its body. Other synonyms for the oarfish include offshore herring, streamer fish, and king of the sauries, which reflect the fish's oceanic habitat and regal stature among its fellow sea creatures.

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How to use "Oarfish" in context?

Oarfish, also called ribbonfish, are a species of fish in the family Scolopacidae. They are found in subtropical and tropical waters, around the world. They are the largest known bony fish, reaching lengths of up to 48 feet (15 m).

Oarfish are elongated and have a diamond-shaped body, with a large dorsal fin and numerous smaller fins. Their coloring can vary from a light yellow to deep green, with a dark stripe on their back. They have a large head, with a long, sharp snout and small eyes.

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