What is another word for OBO?

Pronunciation: [ˈə͡ʊbə͡ʊ] (IPA)

"OBO", an acronym for "Or Best Offer", is a term commonly used in online marketplaces, auctions, and negotiations. However, there are various synonyms you can use instead of OBO to convey the same message. Some alternatives include "best bid", "highest offer", "top price", "maximum bid", "ultimate offer", and "topmost amount". All of these phrases communicate the idea that the seller is willing to consider offers for the item, but not necessarily bound to accept them. Using synonyms for OBO can add variety to your language and make your offer sound more professional and well-thought-out.

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    Digital Business Solutions, Digital Financial Services, E-Business Solutions, Electronic Business Solutions, Internet Business Operations, Internet Business Strategies, Online Business Operations, Online Business Solutions, Online Business Strategies, Web Business Solutions, e-commerce solutions.

Usage examples for Obo

As we lay by the fire, the Soyot came over to me and said: "Noyon, come with me to the OBO.
"Beasts, Men and Gods"
Ferdinand Ossendowski
These OBO are the Lamaite sacred signs set up at dangerous places, the altars to the bad demons, rulers of these places.
"Beasts, Men and Gods"
Ferdinand Ossendowski
Passing Soyots and Mongols pay tribute to the spirits by hanging on the branches of the trees in the OBO hatyk, long streamers of blue silk, shreds torn from the lining of their coats or simply tufts of hair cut from their horses' manes; or by placing on the stones lumps of meat or cups of tea and salt.
"Beasts, Men and Gods"
Ferdinand Ossendowski

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