What is another word for pay heed?

Pronunciation: [pˈe͡ɪ hˈiːd] (IPA)

When we pay heed, we listen attentively or take notice of something. There are multiple synonyms for this phrase, including heeding, attending, considering, observing, and taking into account. These words all express the act of paying attention to something, whether it be a piece of advice, warning, or instruction. To heed someone's words is to acknowledge their wisdom, experience, or guidance. Paying attention can avoid mistakes, save time, and prevent unwanted outcomes. Whatever our purpose may be, paying heed is an essential tool for success in our professional and personal lives.

What are the opposite words for pay heed?

Antonyms for "pay heed" would include ignoring, neglecting, dismissing, or overlooking. When one chooses to ignore, they are deliberately not listening or acknowledging a statement or piece of advice. Neglecting implies failing to give proper attention or care to a situation. Dismissing involves rejecting or disregarding information or ideas without giving them proper consideration. Overlooking suggests not noticing or acknowledging something that should be recognized. In contrast to paying heed, these antonyms demonstrate a lack of attention, consideration or acceptance towards information presented. It is important to recognize the opposite of paying heed to properly understand the impact of ignoring crucial information.

What are the antonyms for Pay heed?

Famous quotes with Pay heed

  • It is a fine thing to have a society that holds upa standard of duty. I ask you to make a special effort to deal with Americanization, the fusing into one nation, a nation necessarily different from all other nations, of all who come to our shores. pay heed to the three principal essentials: (i) the need of a common language, with a minimum amount of illiteracy; (2) the need of a common civil standard, similar ideals, beliefs, and customs symbolized by the oath of allegiance to America; and (3) the need of a high standard of living, of reasonable equality of opportunity and of social and industrial justice.citizens should pay heed first of all to their duties.
    Theodore Roosevelt
  • It is almost an intellectual tradition to pay heed to the insane. In my case those that I most respect are the morons.
    Henri Michaux

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