What is another word for broadsheet?

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Broadsheet is a term used to describe a large newspaper with full-sized pages, generally with a more formal tone and aimed at serious readers. However, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably, depending on the context. Some alternatives to the word broadsheet include broadside, broadbook, and broad page. Other synonyms include broadsheet newspaper, journal, gazette, and tabloid. Broad arrow and broadside- the former refers to the traditional British public notices while the latter pertains to a type of printed announcement or advertisement. These synonyms can help writers and readers to better understand the nature of the printed material and the intended audience.

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How to use "Broadsheet" in context?

Various terms have been used to describe "broadsheet" content - tabloid, newsmagazine, brief newspaper - but they all denote a print publication that is not as tightly formatted as a magazine, typically containing more stories than a journal, but fewer pages than a book. The New Yorker magazine is considered a broadsheet, as is The Guardian in the UK and Le Monde in France.

Broadsheet newspapers appeared in the 18th century, mostly in England and the United States, as a way to compete with the longer, more expensive periodicals of the day. The first U.S.

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