What is another word for peeress?

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The word "peeress" refers to a woman who holds the rank and title of a peer or noble. While this word has a specific definition, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe a woman of noble standing. These synonyms include Duchess, Countess, Baroness, Lady, and Noblewoman. Each of these words describes a woman who holds a high social status and comes from a wealthy or powerful family. Whether used in historical fiction or contemporary writing, these synonyms provide writers with a variety of options to describe women of noble standing and add depth and richness to their characters.

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How to use "Peeress" in context?

The word "peereess" comes from the Old English word "pæres" meaning "the head of a household," and it was first used in Anglo-Saxon times to describe the woman who ruled a household. The peereess was typically the wife of the head of the household, and she had authority over all the people living in that household. She was in charge of all the financial matters, the daily affairs of the household, and the prevention of harm to the members of the household. If a conflict arose, the peereess had the final say.

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